ASIC Corporate Key

An ASIC Corporate Key is a unique identification number which ASIC issues for each registered Australian company. Customers need the Corporate Key to conduct most transactions with ASIC in relation to an Australian company. The Corporate Key is used to link a company to a user account on ASIC Connect.

A letter with your Corporate Key will be sent to your registered office within two days of registration. If you have not received your Corporate Key within approximately 7 business days, you contact ASIC to request a new one.

You will need your Corporate Key to register for online access. You will then be able to view your company records, lodge forms for your company and receive annual statements online. You only need to provide your Corporate Key once; after that, your company is permanently linked.

The Corporate Key is a unique identifier for your company, for this reason, it should be stored in a secure place and not be shared with other individuals.

If you loose your Corporate Key, you will need to contact ASIC directly to request a replacement. Your replacement Corporate Key will be posted to you.

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